Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer [product name] in a different color? 

When we design our products we choose color offerings that we feel work with the design but hey, everyone's tastes are different right? If you love one of our designs but wish it came in a color thats not offered, send us an email and we'll speak with our printing company to see if its something we can add to our store. 

Your site says "Customs Charges May Apply". Will I be charged? 

Good question! Most of our customers do not receive any kind of additional charges. This is because our printing company automatically fulfills orders from whichever of their fulfillment centres is closest to the customer's shipping address. However, there is the odd occasion when the product ordered is not available in the customer's home country. In this case the printing company will fulfil the order from the next closest facility. If the order requires border crossing, it may be subject to customs charges. This is something that is out of our control, and entirely the responsibility of the customer. 

Return Policy

Lets talk return policy: Because we run our business from the road, its not possible for us to carry inventory. This means that every order is custom printed and sent directly to our customers. This also means that we can't accept returns. However, if there's something wrong with your order we can absolutely work with our printing company to fix the problem and have a new product sent out to you ASAP.